Melian Junius

Creative Director

Location- Los Angeles, CA


Based- Los Angeles, Ca




Social Media- @Melian.j @ByMelianj

A unique name to match her persona and style, Melian Junius is making her mark through persistent creativity, pushing societal boundaries. The multifaceted 21-year-old is a fresh face but a diverse selection of work demonstrates her ability to communicate visual excellence and creative expression.


Born and raised in South Bay, Ca to a Croatian immigrant mother and British-Jamaican father, Melian grew up in a low-class household as an only child. The family replaced the usual childhood pastime with martial arts, dance, and other outdoor activities. Her father trained her to be a Tae-Kwon-Do competitor, which eventually influenced her longing to express a more feminine and artistic side. At a young age Melian knew she wanted to model and work with visual art/fashion. 


At 16-year’s-old Melian faced adversity pushing her to cope by creative expression which soon became a passion to-die-for. Based in Los Angeles, Ca she built a growing platform by using her resources to creative direct a variety of multi-media projects.


Freelancing, Melian is published in Nike’s undft Force of La campaign, Nakid Mag, Drome Mag, 94five, featured in Cardi B “Be Careful” music video, and more. Her work, featured in Drake/Migos “Walk it Like I Talk it”, Nvds “Anything Goes” music videos, along with subvert mag and others. 


The young beauty has found a love for visual art in modeling/acting, designing, creative directing, photographing, writing, and mixed media art. There’s truly no way to describe the creative brilliance of her capability. Melian, is an all around artist with a mission statement to impact the world positively and the drive to make it all happen.