“Individuality” byMelianj


Melian Junius is a 22 year old multifaceted artist based in Los Angeles, CA. 

“Individuality” byMelianj is a campaign curated for her repurposed denim collaboration with Kalyn Mitch (also a multifaceted artist based in LA). This is the first of larger campaigns for “byMelianj” her emerging design brand; consisting of 22 looks and 19 models for the upcoming lookbook. 

The two collaborated on this project as an inspiration for everyone, especially creatives similarly inspired to come together as artists creating something new and authentic, opposed to competing or copying. As an emerging artist Melian struggled with designers and creatives having larger platforms blatantly copying her work without credit, some even established companies. She’s been discriminated as a model because she also designs, one incident in particular was extremely discouraging yet she turned the narrative around using it to motivate/initiate this project.

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