Redefine: Accessorizing Exhibition Recap

Redefine: Accessorizing Exhibition Pop-Up showcasing byMelianJ's most recent accessory collection had it's opening night on May 29th- May 30th 2021 at SecondspaceLA with DJ's Parisa Kanno, & Natasha or @freckled.gyal on instagram, in DTLA

We brought out some of Melian's favorite #Blackowned Vegan vendors, PlantBasedNinja.LA who provided delicious Caribbean style bowls along with desserts and drinks + amazing specialty ice-cream from JustluvCreamery ice-cream truck.

It was definitely a weekend not to miss, one full of community love and familiar local faces! The vibes were smooth and easy-going, providing exhibition guests the freedom to take their time exploring the immersive gallery, then room outdoors to commune among one another over good music and food brought together by a long Farmhouse Dining table in the warmth of a sunny day in LA.

The Collection features- over 40 Hand-made 1 of a Kind Denim earrings, Scrunchies, Hair Clips, Bucket Hats, and Tote Bags. Along with textile Canvases from the Exhibition!

"This was our first full scale team project, and I really wanted to showcase the hard work, love and intention that went into every detail of it!," says our Head-Designer and Creative Director Melian Junius. Connecting with Star, Grace, and Charles is a story of synchronicity in and of itself. When they started as interns back in 2019 I took the time to explore different aspects in the process of design with them to foster their development and understand how they're growing as creators. From the very beginning I knew what project I had in mind for us to work on together and it was only a matter of divine time before we begun to move in synergy toward longer term goals, as we progressed in our flow of working together. Redefine: Accessorizing Exhibition is the fruition of flourishing support and genuine connections, I am grateful to share this energy in the form of an experience that others can both observe and feel!

-Melian Junius

ByMelianJ "Redefine: Accessorizing" Denim earrings are Hand-made with love Ethically & Sustainably by our accessory designer Star Angel from South Central La; who's love for designing earrings began early in high school upon discovering how she defines an 'accessory.' Star says, "It wasn't until I was living in London, where I really started to focus on accessories like hats, necklaces, and earrings. I love turning anything into an earring!"

Accessorizing is much more then jewelry, its is sacred and goes before and beyond us, when our ancestors wore pieces as symbols of protection, strength, and tribe identification. They, our ancestors, move through us as we create jewelry, "The process is my favorite part of anything really. Watching your hands bring something to life is a mind blowing thing." Then to witness someone putting that accessory on and feel amazing as their face lights up, is a feeling like no other. Each and every step in the process is important! It is a blessing to feel joy in doing what we love everyday, and this energy is put into it everything we do; which draws someone's interest to a particular piece and makes it specially meant for them, as their spirit yearns for it on an energetic level. "..this is my offering to the world, and what is left of me long after I'm gone. Each person will have a piece of the stars with them." -Star Angel

Featured Artists & Creatives

Cheyann Washington, La based Fine Art & Textile Artist.

Shared her form of art in the show with Clear glass vases decorated with customized Hand-painted figures.

Her pieces were curated throughout the installation in detail to symbolize life & growth.

Laplantbaby, Wilmington based WOC owned Plant Company showcased a variety of style plants featured in their Terecata pots, decorating the installation with complementary greenery as they would say "Keepin it green!"

Tina's plants were curated throughout the installation to symbolize life & growth.

Jacara, La based Black owned Sustainable Designer.

Featured pillows from her recent Home Decor collection, detailed on top of a green velvet couch.

Her pieces were a representation & showcase of African diaspora, adding a touch of culture to the installation.

Melian Junius, La based Designer & Multimedia Artist.

Featured 4 textile pieces, and 4 framed film photos suspended from the installation's high warehouse ceiling between draped complementary fabrics.

Her textile art was a representation life, consciousness, and perspectives of the brand + denim.

Star Angel, La based Multimedia Artist & Director.

Featured 4 textile pieces suspended from the installation's high ceiling between draped fabrics.

Her textile art was a representation of history, personal inspiration, and perspectives of the brand + denim.

Redefine: Exhibition was curated by Melian Junius & Star Angel on behalf of byMelianJ, noted to specially thank teammate Grace, and friends Jessa Jacara + Alysia Cortez for their unconditional support and hands on help building the installation over the span of 2 days & nights. CLICK HERE to see #BehindTheScenes of their process building the Exhibition.

Collection Details:

Every piece is One of a Kind, each Hand-Made by either MelianJ, Grace, or Star; contributing to their own categories of design as apart of the collection. Earrings, and selected Hats + Bags are limited quantity and will not restock, although scrunchies, clips, and other bags + hats from the collection will remain available for purchase in shop & online. Those interested may find samples photographed from the campaign at @byMelianj on instagram.

Melian shares a special Tribute to Charles Vu.

"His presence is felt and embraced! Charles forever remains in my heart and apart of the team in spirit, I look forward to continue making him proud," says Melian.

He is byMelianJ team's third official member and Head-designer's assistant who transitioned Oct 4, 20' which also happens to be her birthday. "I Love you Charles!"

Guest Films

Captured by MelianJ

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