Spring/Summer 2020- Contemporary byMelianj features this 100% natural cotton, unisex oversize drawstring turtleneck. A drop shoulder, doubled neckline, and wrist cuff along with wood beaded drawstring at the bottom- details the garment nice, creating a versatile piece that will keep you warm without feeling trapped.

All of which are natural materials, ethically, sustainably sourced, and created by hand here in Los Angeles, Ca then cleansed with Palo Santo in the process.

SS20 Drawstring Turtleneck

  • Provided, you will find an embroidered byMelianJ canvas garment bag for safekeeping your designer piece; place turtleneck in the garment bag and wash on gentle, cold.

    Do not dry, this piece is subject to shrink if dried due to 100% natural cotton fiber contents.