Long-live Rob Woods

September 18, 2015

I didn't even know what to say when I seen the message in my phone. September 9th, was the last day. The last day to text him, the last day to call him and catch up about our new perspectives and ways to open our minds further, but it isnt the last day to appreciate encountering such a beautiful soul in my lifetime. I wish I could of got to hang out with him at least the one last time we planned to :/ so we  could of shared our energy and knowledge of spirituality, those were the best convos, its like I was just talking to him. I'm dedicating this first blog post to a friend of mine who will always be dear to my heart. Someone who I always looked forward to seeing everyday at Narbonne, who brightened a smile and could make you laugh even if you were livid about anything. Although this is still so surreal to me too, I try to think of the good times and keep my head up because I know that nothing is ever an end, but only a new begining. I believe Robby is in a much more free place and will no longer be a captive of soceity or humanly "problems", now he can look over us and give us that extra luck when we need it or the extra protection in a sticky situtation. I couldnt think of God's real reason on this one, but I have to trust the universe. Know I love you bro, you can never be forgotten and you've left a footprint of your energy through us all.<3



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