Figereoa Sisters for Jeans ByMelianj

March 2, 2017

February 18, 2017

Muse/Models :Anna & Sonia Figereoa for Jeans byMelianJ WS'17

Location: Cherry Beach, Long Beach Ca & Private studio


This collaboration, initiated by Melian consisted of Melian's winter-spring 2017 Jean collection and the essential sisterly connection of 20 year old Anna & 14 year old Sonia Figereoa. Melian met Anna around 2015 through mutual friends and soon after became Melian's close muse. The two worked on one of Melian's first production projects back around summer15' and finally linked back up a few weeks ago; but this time with her Anna's younger sister Sonia. The three met up for a fitting and carpooled with Khyre, Channel, and Melian to a few locations for the shoot.

Breaking the ice, shooting for the first time with Melian, Anna & Sonia did a great job following the direction and serving sister vibes throughout the night. Melian photographed the two with her digital camera, as well as film at Cherry beach then a private studio location around dusk. She kept the creative direction minimal this time around to keep an organic natural connection between the two sisters to more so capture their essence in sisterhood. 

Melian styled Anna at Cherry Beach in the Hydra Pink Bralette and a pair of unreleased denim jeans from her Jean WS'17 collection, no shoes. Sonia at Cherry Beach in the Cameo Jean Bottom top, and Zenon 3M- Patch Pant from Melian's Jean WS'17 collection, no shoes.

Then Anna at the private studio location in the Karandi Pocket Top switched off with the Pyrite Long Sleeve Bottom Top and Sextans leg-warmer from Melian's Jean WS'17 collection, with model's own Von Dutch skirt, a faux fur cheetah coat, leather spiked hoop choker with hoop earrings, and black nylon booties.

Sonia at the private studio location in the Zuri overall cut out pant from Melian's Jean WS17' collection, a mesh athletic shirt, Karla's faux leather jacket, spiked choker, and model's own old-skool high top vans.


Melian is excited to announce that there will be a future collaboration with the third Figereoa sister Diana, Anna, and Sonia! So stay tuned for more sister aesthetic visuals by MelianJ.

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 Cherry Beach












 Private Studio Location

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