Jeans WS'17 byMelianj ft. Telana

March 9, 2017

In the past few years, Melian has been expanding her horizons and network of creatives; choosing to associate more with like minded individuals and those pushing a larger message in society. 

byMelianj Mission Statement:

To enlighten, motivate, and inspire people in seeking and feeling true ownership of their individuality; finding true happiness within the self, exploring the self, and understanding we are all individually one. 

Briefly, Melian opened her LLC August summer of 15' to begin her journey of self expression. She always loved making and reconstructing a lot of her own clothes since high school. As a kid she loved fashion & art, and soon began obsessing with the idea of expressing feeling through different mediums. A year out of high school, after tons of reading and soul searching she realized that her only purpose on Earth is to inspire and create. Once realizing her life purpose and talents as pathways, she began working at creating art as a full time occupation. 

Melian and items byMelianj are a reflection of herself, her interests, and the things she passionately loves to do. Melian is her brand & considers everything she does creatively as art including: her clothing, modeling, creative direction, styling, and many other things she does. A short term goal of Melian's is to raise enough money selling her art to start her dream youth non-profit organization. As a self funded artist Melian appreciates every single one of her supporters, each one makes a difference. 

As a newly emerging brand, Melian has been setting up photo shoots as well as taking photos of different muses for Melianj that she feels are inspiring and/or a great representation of her brand's message & what she stands for as an artist/human.

Telana, a good friend of Karandi's and now Melian, was the perfect artist to begin her brand's collaborative photo shoots with. 

Before Telana opened her mouth to say a word, her energy spoke positivity, light and happiness for her. A truly amazing vibe, Telana represents so much as an individual and pushes inspiring messages through her art. 

 She encourages humans to see a bigger picture in life, one that recognizes all things as living organisms and adorns this energy. 

Telana is known for her amazing color aesthetics implyings the importance of the different chakras, something that Melian really resonates and relates with. 

Blatantly hidden in all of Telana's work is a beautiful conscious message we should all value and respect. 

 Telana's art may be found:

On SoundCloud-

On Spotify-

On iTunes- Aerbourne - EP by Telana

On Instagram- @Telana11

On twitter- @TelanaMama

Telana for Jeans WS'17 byMelianj

Photo Set 1

Muse: @Telana11

Photos: @melian.j

Styled: @melian.j

Clothing: @bymelianj

Shout out to Dom for the location <3

Shout out to Karandi <3








Photo Set 2 

Muse: @Telana11 @Kkarandi

Photos: @Asksaru

Styled: @melian.j

Clothing: @bymelianj









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