Coachella 17'

April 22, 2017

I had a great time last weekend at Coachella, essentially I spent the weekend styling a commission photoshoot for Taliwhoah & we figured why not hit up a few events while in town shooting. After a few hours drive, knocking out a few looks and locations, we arrived at the BeatsbyDre party. Vibing for a minute, the event overall was dope, the entrance was a float bridge to the event location. The energy was alive, they even had a hair braiding bar...figuring out later that for the women this must have been some kind of  self care theme or something *lol* #superdope. Later we went to the Weedmaps was lit. 

We arrived a bit early and walked into a free message booth with unlimited joins, and a join rolling table. Tali, Calah, and I had to grab a few of those of course and then started around to see the rest of the booths. Next we went into a white geometric looking igloo/dome and found it to be a projector room of the universe, moon, and other beautiful moving images. It was dark and full of bean bags so before we knew it we were kicked back facing joints for a good minute while the event filled up with other lit people. 

We finally decided to leave the projector room when another individual in there finished his story about how a huge black water bug was in his pants and ended the story to let me know it was crawling up  my chair next to my pants EWW! When I left there I was convinced to take a bomb baby dab of some sativa wax. The booth hooked me up with some fire sativa moonrock, and next we headed to the charging station for some juice. I found myself in the booth next to it getting a manicure by MissGrass with weed in the gel nails and holographic stars for something quick and fun. My phone charged up and I ran into a few good friends of mine Jon Pontiac & Lilcyberspace, met ShotbyMiggie and a few other chill people. Everyone was pretty cool and laid back, I mean it waaaas a total stoner event. There was a cute Photobooth, it seemed like everything was futuristic/galaxy themed, I really liked it.

Smoked a couple more joints, played a great game of ping pong with Calah and Viceland came over for a minute to ask me a few questions about my outfit. They pointed out myself and another girl with yellow & holographic material outfit as having some of the coolest fits there, asking if I saw her. I had to pay homage, her outfit was dope. I wore a jeanz styled outfit made by myself. My top a bought sheer short sleeve top with white ruffled trim, American Apparel high waisted med. blue washed shorts, a waist belt with punk style straps made by myself, Attachable leg Jeans Pant Belt, and flame creeps. I asseccorized with a girly/punk choker made by a friend @0hgeegal and yellow shooting glasses. My hair was done by @Mayai94 extremely long black micro braids. After drinking cool light up bottled water, and hitting a few more booths I ran into another friend Dailyn and her company. I was super high by the end of the night and crashed easily. Next day we finished shooting, and headed back to our cities. 

*More photos & content from Coachella will be coming so definitely stay posted, in the meantime check byMelianj on my blog page for Coachella placed and faces + other event films.:)









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