Widny Bazile (Artist)

June 21, 2017

This feature is an amazing spirited, true hustler "go getter" Widny Bazile!

Everyone has their eyes on her as she takes over, popping up in Vogue, Yeezy Season 4, and on pretty much every timeline. You can't miss her, she's shot with some of La's most well known and creative photographers. Widny is based in greater Los Angeles, however was born and cultured in Haiti. "Not even 21 yet," she's still a thriving 20 year old Libra, born September 25th 1996. 

Note from Melian:

I first met Widny for a last minute (literally an hour before time) photoshoot with photographer Walter W.Brady at the Museum of Ice-Cream pop up in La for styling. It was a pleasure working with Widny, she trusted my vision styling and didn't question a thing..super easy going. When I met Widny I knew we would work well together instantly, she reciprocated my positive energy amply and we vibed the whole shoot. She served in every look, loving the outcome, we knew we had to work together again. Sure enough it wasn't too long before we did, recently shooting for a Uzumaki gallery x Melianj Jeanz collab, which confirmed everything we knew from the first time we met.

I love how confident, positive, and spiritual Widney is! We definitely clicked and are excited for the future of our collaborations.#StayTuned






Full Name: Widny Bazile

Age/Sign: 20yrs, Libra


Birthday: September 25th, 1996

Born/Nationality: Haiti

Q: What do you create? Briefly, Why?

A: I create what I feel. My work is a representation of who I am and want to be, I create my purpose and the life I want to live.

Q:When did you realize you were an artist?

&& When did you begin creating?

A: I've always been an artist within myself and knew what I wanted to accomplish, because art is all I had. && at the age of 16 when I fully started creating I was able to meet others who could relate.

Q:What inspired you to accept yourself as an artist and take your craft seriously?

A:I've realized that you can't take on the world if you don't accept and love yourself, so therefore I had to find that first love.

Q:Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: I am my biggest inspiration because I know where I came from and how I was raised. I inspire myself everyday to be a better me and to keep on pushing because I've come a long way.

Q:What are your aspirations as a human? What do you stand for?

A: My aspirations as a human is to be kind to whoever no matter what. I don't want to be no role model because I'm not perfect, however I want people to relate and respect my work.

I stand for love, beauty, and the need to accept others for who they are and I want my art to show the imperfections because nothing and nobody is perfect. 

Q:Do you feel art has helped you discover a purpose in life or influenced that?

A: Art has kept me alive!

Q:What is a struggle you can relate to being an artist?

A: We are all crazy when it comes to our crafts.

Q:What is it like to be you on a regular day? What is a regular day for you?

A: Everyday is a regular day. I've turned my craft into my everyday life and to be me on the regular day would consist of creating and making a way to be better then I was yesterday.

Q:Where did you build you base? && What has it been like?

A: I've built my base in Boston, not because I wanted to but because I had no choice; thats my city and I couldn't leave until I had accomplished what I needed there.

Q:How do you feel like you play a role in society?

A: Throughout the years I definitely think people have been inspired by my movement and thats a blessing because it means that I'm shining a positive light by just being myself.

Q:If you could give another artist one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: Fuck the world, do you and be great at what you do!

Q:What does the world need? && How do you feel you can make a difference?

A: The world needs more art. The youth needs to start working together, respecting and loving each other..by doing that others will catch on.&&

My art is a representation of myself and I want people to know that you can do anything in this world if you just believe and thats no bullshit.