Should women be free to go topless?

August 4, 2017




"The Vast majority of states actually have laws on the book making clear women can't be arrested under state law sole for being topless in setting where its OK for men. But many local ordinances ban the practice anyway. And there is plenty of grey areas for police officers to make their own interpretations and arrest for "public indecency" or "disorderly conduct." (La times Here's Where its Legal for Women to go Topless in the US.)

     Who should decide what "decent" is? And why is everyone obligated to follow "order of conduct" Also who made the "order of conduct" since its disorderly to be publicly topless. With our generations growing feminist attitudes, women are feeling more empowered then ever to fight for their right to be free. Many women are now asking, is my body sexual, or do others sexualize it by perception? And why is my comfortability socially considered indecent?

     If a women is comfortable to be publicly topless, isn't is then a personal problem of the individuals who are bothered? Nipples are considered a sexual body part, so why can men expose them and not women? These are all questions more and more people are asking in the demand for equality! It seems only fair for men to be forced to put on their shirts if women can't legally remove their's. #FreeTheNipple

     The organization GoTopless, which advocates for "topless equality" in the U.S., has put together a map illustrating the different laws in different states. Though green sates indicate there is some degree of "topless freedom," that doesn't mean its legal for women to go shirtless through the state. Local ordinances may ban or allow the practice in opposition to state law, California is listed green despite the fight in Venice beach.

     Some may agree that at one point or another everyone comes to the realization of what a human body looks like despite the inevitable fact we all embody one. The human body is natural!!! Since American citizens can practice any religion, why is it against the law to live by individual's beliefs in relation to our own body/religion? it is as if our own human bodies are a national commodity or something...oh right.. "they aren't." #StayWoke

      As a women myself, who is comfortable with my own body and breast nudity publicly, I too feel its my choice if I wasn't to put on a shirt when I wake up and go outside everyday. Its not my problem other individuals sexualize my breast and cannot keep their minds out the gutter. Is sexuality not also perception!?

It seems like some people have forgotten its our societal conditioning that has programmed generations of people to believe what is "socially acceptable." However its not necessarily fair to regulate how one person relates their body in connection to their beliefs about it, especially since it doesn't physically harm another. Maybe instead of insinuating a women's body is for sex, "the public" can appreciate the human body as live art, like they do a dead sculpture's. Is a women's body not art just because some famous human didn't sculpt it? I feel its inevitable to see faults in this law especially with society's growing appreciation for transgenders. 


How do you feel about a women topless in public? 

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