things can change.

November 1, 2017

& they will change.

It’s inevitable, even if we don’t want this change to take place.

I think sometimes we allow ourselves to get so comfortable that it becomes more difficult to accept that the Universe is trying to create change in our lives. This change can actually be what we need, but if we don’t allow God to shift us a little bit, sometimes maybe even more than expected, we will never see the outcomes of what was really meant to be. Sometimes we might have these already made up realities in our heads of what we think should happen, but if that's not Gods will for our life at the time then there’s usually something better waiting. 
Change is great when we open our hearts and minds for it to take place, but if we experience it with resistance we may become blinded to the beauty in it, although it may hurt at the same time. Change wont always feel good, but change will always be good. We have to learn to see the beauty in everything and realize that change is something that must happen. We can’t possibly want to stay the same. 


After reading this, or whenever you have the time to do so, write down 5 things in your life you feel have changed or are presently changing. Explain why you think this change is happening. If you're like me and may be struggling in some ways to cope with the change in your life, this may help you see your situation in a more positive light. It will also empower you to realize that everything is always purposeful. Even if you feel like youre being broken down, it is always to help build you back up. 
Love & Light 🥀🕊💛

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