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December 23, 2017



Wow... there is almost so much to say & and almost nothing at all. I feel chaos & peace all at once.

I'm so happy to execute a project I've been longing to put out yet there is so much I have learned from the growing experience of operating a brand and designing that inspire me to improve. There was much adversity in the midst of launching Jeanz 3.0 yet the resilience I prayed for blessed me with the strength to persevere through to its completion.

I learned a lot about myself and life in certain aspects throughout this process.


As I write I'm almost running out of things to say but somehow on the edge of saying so much. 

When I started this collection I feel like I was almost entirely a different person in some aspects. My eye for and interests in fashion & art are evolving daily, my aspirations growing. I feel like I'm beginning to notice an evolution of mind with every collection I put out. I'm able to perceive my process of creating in a new light and take on new direction always leading to the same vision, same plan of purpose. 


One of the cool things about being a full time artist is that it shows me who is really serious about supporting my vision, and also the creatives who're serious about their craft because throughout all the experiences, jobs, and relationships I'll still always be on my journey of self-realization & creative expression, even when some begin to fade out. I'll still be always working on a project, learning & perfecting my craft. 


Message: Sometimes things aren't going to go exactly as you plan, always trust your vision!

You have to be as self efficient, and self reliant as you can dream possible if you really want to make your wildest dreams you reality. The reason why everyone isn't Rihanna isn't because everyone doesn't have the potential to be as creative and innovative, its because everybody doesn't have the willingness to put in the work to be. Hard work, works. It takes persistence, resilience, and a lot of dedication to be an artist.


This is yet another new beginning, I am only scratching the surface of my potential.

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