The Embrace (submission)

February 18, 2018

The Embrace


House made of flash cards, scribbled full of notes that were stricken from the record.
Reminders of the past that I deemed unworthy unless I was full of liquor.
Vodka and holy water was my preference of elixir.
Curing insecurities while my body grows sicker.

Place my hat on my chalice until I return home,
I’ve made my bed with the whore of Babylon.
I’ll take residence in your thighs until I end up,
Hanging from the same tree that i grew up swinging on.

You took me in with open arms and offered me your juices,
You must be less than pristine to do this.
How do you walk the line between savior and traitor?
I can’t recall your name, is it Justine or Judas?

I don’t own the apartment in your womb I only lease it.
Rain on my parade property management wants me evicted.
Scraping scales like snakes, synapses and silver pieces.
I’ve cast myself into your ocean, the storm ceases.

Hiking on high heels, swimming through your fishnets.
Clawing to pull you down like a dirty fucking shellfish.
Rubber bands on my claws, strap me to the bedpost.
Cast away my pride I submit to you, temptress.

Wrinkled timelines of how I conjured my beliefs,
Though lethargic and irresponsible I was deserving of this relief.
And I know that you make home in this pillowtop palace but,
In the back of my mind all I feel is bruised knees from porcelain sheets.

Delusions of grandeur, Hennessy and poppy seeds.
Morphine injected dreams full of daisies and open barns.
Endorphins morphing receptors forfeit to the pleasure.
It almost makes me forget of the track marks in my arms.


Inspired by "The Embrace" by Egon Schiele

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