Reflection: ByMelianj first solo Pop Up

February 25, 2018

Top 3 words to summarize my pop up event..?

1. Intimate





I'm not writing this blog to come on here and vent about how I wish my event was, or complain about how it was not. Mostly Im writing this as a self reflection to share insight on what I learned from putting together my first solo Pop Up shop, and how this could not only help myself grow but also the many other entrepreneurs who are on the journey of self evolution as well.


How did I put together this Pop Up?


Connections, connections, connections. 

I spend a lot of my time connecting with other entrepreneurs, and finding ways I can come together with local artists to support one another, watering each other's seeds. You have to be open to giving support to also be open to receiving it, and the giving always comes first from a place of non- attachment. Don't just give someone your support because you want theirs back, people can feel when something is genuine plus true colors always show.. so support people that YOU actually like and want to see successful. If you put in your work, the universe will too.


Venue & Location?


I selected @nothingsnewlbc as my first solo venue after a good friend of mine Kbeach introduced me to the shop owner suggesting that I throw a Pop Up shop; I figured why not have an event in the city im based out of? It would be a good way to connect with the locals and also support another small business in the area.


Venue selection: Important!! When selecting a venue always first consider why you are throwing the event and how large you want it to be. Theres nothing worse in this aspect then having a space thats too large making your crowd look smaller, or even too small and everyone ends up shoulder to shoulder uncomfortably.

Consider the vibe of the space, how you plan on decorating it for the occasion, and ** your budget!


 If you don't have a budget for a venue don't worry!.. where there is a will there is a way. 

Budget options:

1.  Pay for the space (if you can hold a free event and afford a venue, you're winning)

2.  Charge at the door, and make an agreement with the venue owner to split a percentage.

3.  If you're selling products, offer a percentage of sales to venue owner as compensation for the space. (consignment deal)

**Important! if you are dealing with any percentages for consignment or sales always have paperwork prepared and have a meeting weeks before to discuss details and come to an agreement so that when the show time comes all the work that can be stressful is out the way and the energy is clear for a successful event. 




Location goes hand in hand with venue, consider the general area of where your following is from so that the location is easy commutable for everyone. 

**This is where I really learned a lot throwing my Pop Up. 

I didn't take into consideration as much that most of my following is based in Los Angeles leaning more so on the Hollywood/ Valley side of town, and I selected a day when people were likely to have plans afterwards in Hollywood. Now this is not to say that you can't throw an event almost anywhere and make it poppin, its more so that if you are you have to prepare for that with promotion. 

I highly suggest promoting 2 weeks ahead  consistently if you choose a venue outside of the general commute areas. Otherwise selecting a good location makes it a lot easier to get that foot traffic thats ideal.



Promotion is  HUGE part of a successful event, if you don't have dope artist apart from yourself in the actual event then you need dope artist to help promote it.

The more people you have a part of your event the smoother promotion usually goes because typically people in an event want it to be lit too since it reflects on themselves as well.

If there are a lot of people in your event you can make a separate social media for it to promote, if not then make a dope flyer taking advantage of the services insta and platforms have to offer for paid promo.


Everything else? is your vision, and you should always have a clear vision before making arrangements to put it in action. So be sure to plan ahead and plan accordingly!


What is success to you?


Success is not a destination but a journey. The Pop up was a success to me because I got the chance to connect with everyone that came, as well as those that came with others and that already was a huge part of what made me feel really good about everything. The vibes were amazing all day, there was nothing but love. We danced, talked, shared stories, and bonded over fashion, art, and music. I sold a few pieces, and received hugs from everyone that came! Thats a lot of love, a lot of light, and for that I am grateful.


2018 is the beginning. Last year I laid the groundwork for my career, studying the craft and rebranding; now this year I get to express myself creatively and see how far I can push my potential using this new found knowledge while continuously seeking to grow/learn more.


Conclusion: Don't focus so hard on the larger goal that you forget to notice details in the baby steps your taking towards that same goal each moment living. There was never a time where you weren't living right now, and with that being said... right now is your vehicle into the future.

What can you do right now?

What are you doing right now?

Hard work, works but work smarter so that you don't have to work harder! Its only as hard as you make it.



I hope this blog helped, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via email. (contact button)


-Bless Melianj

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