March 1, 2019

Model: Iyana Banks

Photog/Styling/MUA: Melian Junius



Life is crazy..

about sums it up.

However life is beautiful, and through the craziness I triumph

because there would be no diamond without pressure.



"Time Doesn't Exist" 

No time to process things...

racing, racing, racing

No time to think, feels like truly I have no time to feel.

work, work, work... change is the only ideal constant.

Seems like Ive got time to be human, not time for being.

No time for ideals, only time for what works.

But what works? When I have no time for my mind to work.

Most things take time, but what gives time?


racing, racing, racing

through my day to make time, so I lost all the time in a day.

No time to deal, ended up having no time to heal.

But if time is only an idea... then change is ideal

and if I have no time to heal, then I have no time to deal.



I've been wanting to share more of my work, I always forget to post or like most people get busy in work/ art/ life.

Some may or may not know, but I do mixed media art; aside from designing and photography, etc. I also make zines with some of my poetry and thought journals. My first zine is available online now and the next coming soon! ;)














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